This is me finally giving myself permission to relax and enjoy Melbourne, after a year of trying to make it work as that’s what your supposed to do right?! I let go and trusted my heart. Spending my time with people that make me smile doing things that make me smile more!

I’m currently earning less than i ever have done and am happier than i have been in a long time. A long time homebody always there for everyone apart from myself i left the UK in September 2014 to fulfil a long held ambition to see places, meet people, experience different cultures, food & languages.

16 months into that journey i have managed to tick a heap of things off my life to do list, picked up all sorts of mannerisms and accents from various places. People now struggle to place me! Determined to make a positive difference to other peoples lives as well as my own, i am currently in Lagos, Nigeria. Working with a wonderful non profit NGO raising awareness of breast cancer and providing care for the brave women that are diagnosed here in Nigeria.

Healthcare, along with a lot of things is not all that reliable in Nigeria. So even when women do get access to treatment for breast cancer it can often be broken by strikes, misconceptions, mistrust, fear or simply the lack of ability to make it to clinic. I’ll be here helping in any way i can until clinic launch in March. Find out more about what they get up to here RFCA

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