I have always been a ferocious reader, as a child i would regularly have a battle with my Mum on our frequent visits to the local library. I was never able to understand why i couldn’t have the 25 books i wanted to take when the limit was 10. Books were my escape as a painfully shy child, and my window into other worlds as they remain today.

Books are my constant learning tools and have been my levers and companions as i planned and made the journeys that make up the A Feeder Travels adventure so far. They have been kind and they have been revealing, opening windows to new places and strategies for living. Some are practical guides on places i have been to and what to see and do, others are manuals for life skills and personal development. Alongside a few works of location based fiction or memoirs that i read to help understand the environments that i was living, working and travelling in. A must for a creative and inquisitive brain like mine.

There are links below for you to read on and make your own mind up – i am an affiliate of Amazon so will get a small commission if you buy. I only endorse books that i have enjoyed and/or benefitted from. Happy reading!

Baci x


The Crossroads of Should & Must – Elle Luna

The Magicians Way: What it really takes to find your treasure – William Whitecloud


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