Adventurous travel

What is adventurous travel?

I’m adventurous apparently, it’s funny but i don’t see myself that way. I just go about my business and on the odd occasion that i do share my story, people seem to be taken aback by it. It happened at a networking event in Lagos back in January. In a room full of British women, I stood out. Most of them had moved to support their partners careers, with the package that comes with that. I had made the decision to travel to Lagos by myself 3 weeks prior simply as it felt like the right thing for me to do. I liked the sound of it and i had never been to Africa so why not travel there to see what was like while i had the chance? That was the start of my adventurous travel apparently.

Are we really all that different?

Although our reasons for travelling to Lagos may be different we had a lot in common, they had experienced some of the fears that i did, is it safe? Will i be able to go out on my own? Will people be welcoming to me? How much will things cost? Can i buy sunscreen? Will i get kidnapped? (OK that was my Dad’s fear not mine so much!) Some of the other things that people warned me about like the inconsistent water, electricity and roads didn’t factor as negatives for me. As quite frankly i am more adaptable than most people give me credit for.

Travel Chic

I am not a traveller sandal wearing hippy espousing the virtues of a nomadic wanderlust filled life. Respecting local customs and traditions aside i generally wear what i would normally wear at home that makes me feel good when i am travelling. Good quality, capsule wardrobe full of lots of red and navy! Which i think leads some people to think i am more of a princess than i actually am.

My adventures are through cities and their surrounds, their foods, people and cultures. I like to be immersed in a place as much as possible. So staying with friends or in places like air bnb are perfect for me, where i can experience a real home in a real neighbourhood with real people that can point me in the direction of the best of everything.

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Adventure is positive!

Previously i avoided travelling to South Africa or South America, as they were “too dangerous” for a  single white female to travel alone. I laughed hard at this notion as i was sat in a bar in Lagos, Nigeria. A country with a largely poor international reputation on a number of counts which i travelled to on my own steam.

Being at home is dangerous if you don’t have your wits about you, crossing a road is dangerous if you don’t look first. Although there are physical and macro risks that are ever present, my travel to Nigeria was to work with a team that i have know collectively for over 20 years in one guise or another. It was my most structured and planned move of my Afeedertravels adventures so far in lots of ways. So i was sure it would be a good one.